Getting Started

Do you have concerns about your child’s speech/language, motor, social/emotional or overall development? Does your child demonstrate delays or difficulties that indicate he or she could benefit from therapy?

The process for initiating the evaluation and intervention process can be broken down into steps:

  1. Contact your insurance company to verify that you have coverage for occupational therapy and/or speech/language therapy.
    • Most insurance companies will cover an evaluation, even if services are not covered.
    • You are responsible for all deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.
  2. Contact Therapy for Me! to schedule an evaluation.
    • If you have had an evaluation in the last 3–6 months, we may be able to use the report to get started. Call us to discuss your options.
    • Evaluations are generally 1–2 hours in duration and will provide a comprehensive report describing the current level of your child’s speech/language, motor/sensory, or social/emotional development.
    • After your evaluation, the therapist will make recommendations specific to your child’s individual needs. This will include the frequency of visits as well as proposed treatment plans.

Many children are seen one to two times per week for an hour session. Occasionally, short-term intervention with a greater frequency is recommended.